Interim Chairman of Jamaicans for Justice, JFJ, Dr. Barry Wade is refuting claims there was no information provided to former JFJ Executive Director, Kay Osbourne, on the existence of its now controversial sex education programme.

The unauthorized programme which was implemented in six privately-run children’s homes, created controversy, because the course contained material on anal and oral sex.

In the initial stages of the fall out, the former JFJ Board had indicated that Kay Osbourne had nothing to do with the development, implementation, preparation and/or approval of the content.

The board said the project was designed, negotiated and contracted by its former Executive Director, Dr. Carolyn Gomes.

JFJ said at no point did Dr. Gomes tell Ms. Osbourne about the project.

But Dr. Wade says no one person should be blamed, as information was available to all parties about the programme.

He says a breakdown in communication occurred in the transition period between the two Executive Directors.

Funding for the programme was provided by the Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition, CVC.

Dr. Gomes left JFJ to take up the job as Executive Director of the CVC.

Dr. Wade says its too early to speak on the status of the relationship between JFJ and the CVC.

Dr. Barry Wade, Interim Chairman of JFJ.