Executive Director of the Jamaica Accountability Meter Portal, JAMP, Jeanette Calder, is calling on the Auditor General to name Members of Parliament implicated in impropriety, based on the findings of a recent report.

The recent Auditor General’s report into the Constituency Development Fund, CDF, has raised serious concerns over proper governance and fraud.

The report found that monies from the CDF were used to offset the cost of university degrees for at least two persons linked to either MPs or their employees.

Ms. Calder says while the report shows clear improvements based on what usually obtains, there are serious concerns.

She says nepotism remains an issue, which must be addressed quickly.

She questions how internal auditors are failing to bring these issues to light before the Auditor General’s investigations.

Ms. Calder is also raising concerns about the Prime Minister’s Assistance Programme, which she says is a 36-million dollar a year initiative being administered by the CDF.

According to Ms. Calder, there is a discrepancy between what should be allocated for that program and what is being spent.

Jeanette Calder, Executive Director of the Jamaica Accountability Meter Portal, speaking on Nationwide This Morning.