Opposition Spokesman on Finance, Audley Shaw, says Jamaicans  should brace for more price increases and a sharp rise in the cost of living.



According to Mr. Shaw this will almost certainly be the reality, given that the government and the IMF appear to have reached an agreement to allow the Jamaican dollar to slide to 1-hundred-and-20 to 1-US viagrapill.com dollar.



Mr. Shaw made the comments during a media briefing at the office of the Leader of the Opposition in St. Andrew on Monday.



More in this report from Abka Fitz-Henley.


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The local currency began trading his morning at 1-hundred-and-11-dollars-24-cents to 1-US dollar.


Audley Shaw says he has credible reasons to be concerned that the IMF may well be prepared to allow the Jamaica dollar to slide further.




Mr. Shaw says the JLP has consistently expressed concern regarding the devaluation of the dollar, but has ignored by the Government and IMF.


He says both the multi-lateral and the Simpson Miller Miller administration should recognize that continued devaluation will have devastating consequences.


Mr. Shaw says the productive sector is already feeling the pinch and will teeter on the brink of disaster, if the dollar is allowed to reach the 120-to-one mark.