The community of August Town in St. Andrew is set to benefit from more than $2-million from the New Zealand government to fund the renovation of the community centre.

The New Zealand government, through its High Commission, will be donating CAD$25,000 to help to renovate the August Town community centre.

The project will see the roof of the building replaced, the creation of an administrative block and the renovation of the bathroom facilities.

Policy Advisor to the New Zealand High Commission, Iain Wood, says community centre was chosen because the High Commission was impressed with the community’s work in reducing murders.

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Iain Wood was speaking at the handing over ceremony last week.

In the meantime, President of the Factories Corporation of Jamaica, Lyttleton Shirley, says the corporation will be partnering with the project to try and teach youngsters skills needed to become a part of the workforce.

Mr. Shirley says the FCJ will also be helping with the renovations.

And they’re also working on providing economic opportunities based around the centre.