The reputed leader of the Jungle-12 Gang in August Town in Eastern St. Andrew, was this morning shot and killed by gunmen.

Nationwide News understands that Jefus Ferguson was gunned down by about ten men in his backyard, shortly before 8am.

Head of St. Andrew Central Police, Senior Superintendent Fitz Bailey, says the circumstances around the incident are sketchy.

SSP Fitz Bailey, Head of the St. Andrew Central Police, speaking this morning with Nationwide News.

Meanwhile, JLP caretaker for Eastern St. Andrew, Fayval Williams, says the community is tense.

Fayval Williams, JLP caretaker for Eastern St. Andrew.

Last month, Police Constable James Grant was shot and killed by gunmen in August Town.

Three men who the police named as persons of interest in connection to that incident remain at large.

They’re Oshane Morris, otherwise called ‘Chucky’ and two other men who’re known only by their aliases, ‘Bomb Head’ and ‘Titty Man’.