Tensions are again high in August Town St. Andrew after a man was shot last evening.

Callers to our news center say more gun shots were heard in the area last night into this morning and two more person were hurt.

The man who was shot last night is now in hospital nursing injuries.
He’s from the Jungle 12 area of August Town.

Head of the St. Central Police, Senior Superintendent, Fitz Bailey says the situation is under control.

SSP Bailey who spoke to our news center moments ago there’s no need for panic.

Senior Senior Superintendent, Fitz Bailey Head of the St. Central Police, speaking to our news center.

Sources in August Town say the man who was shot goes by the name Davis.
His current condition is not known.

Member of the community say a turf war is ongoing in August Town.

They say it’s believed the series of gunshots heard in the area is connected to the recently gun slaying of a respected member of the area.

The activist ‘King Dada’ was buried last week.

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