A taxi operator in Mount Salem, St. James is complaining that a particular gas station is still selling bad gas after being ordered closed and then cleared to reopen by the Bureau of Standards Jamaica, BSJ.

The operator who gives his name as Mr. Robinson, says he’s a regular customer at the gas station, where he bought fuel that has damaged the engine of his motor vehicle.

Mr. Robinson is a taxi operator who plies the Paradise and Norwood routes.

He says following the decision of the BSJ to allow his regular gas station to reopen, he assumed that the bas gas problem was a thing of the past.

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Mr. Robinson says several other taxi men have been affected by bad gas from other service stations across St. James.

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He says when he called the BSJ asking for guidance on where to buy fuel, he was told there was nothing the agency could do or tell him.

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Mr. Robinson says repairing a vehicle engine that’s been damaged by bad gas is an expensive process.

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