Attorneys representing the UWI student charged with assaulting his girlfriend will make a bail application when the matter is called up for mention in the Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Court this morning.

20-year old Matthew Hyde is charged with assault occasioning grievous and actual bodily harm, malicious communication and false imprisonment arising from the incident earlier last month.

Reports are that between Monday February 6 and Thursday February 9, Hyde held the 19 year old woman captive in his dormitory.

The young woman was reportedly tortured over the three days.

The police say Hyde repeatedly beat her and burned her with a clothes iron all over her body.

Investigations revealed that the young couple had a disagreement concerning their relationship.

It’s understood the young man interrogated the woman for hours while the torture continued.

His attorney, King’s Counsel Peter Champagnie, indicated at the last mention date that he would make an application for bail on behalf of his client.

A psychiatric evaluation had also been ordered.