Two of three alleged members of the alleged Clarendon-based ‘Death Squad’ had their bail extended as their trial started in the Supreme Court in Kingston today.

They are District Constable Howard Brown and Constable Carl Bucknor. The third alleged member on trial is Detective Corporal Kevin Adams. He’s been in custody since 2014.

A seven-member jury consisting of four women and three men was sworn in.

Presiding Judge, Chief Justice, Bryan Sykes says he’ll consider a motion from the prosecution, for the names of civilian witnesses to not be used in reports.

The prosecution is led by Queen’s Counsel, Caroline Hay.

Chief Justice Sykes says he’ll also consider a motion from defense attorney, Valerie Neita Robertson, to have the jurors polled to determine if there are any biases against members of the constabulary.

Corporal Adams is facing several counts of murder and conspiracy to commit murder. He was charged in 2014 with the murder of Andrew Bissoon.

Bissoon was shot dead in Clarendon in 2011.

Constables Howard Brown and Carl Bucknor are also accused of that crime.

Adams is also accused of invading the May Pen Hospital in Clarendon in 2013 and murdering a man known as Adif Washington. He’s accused of being a co-conspirator of Police Constable, Collis Chucky Brown.

Brown was convicted of three counts of murder and conspiracy to commit murder in the Home Circuit Court last week.

The trial resumes at 10 Tuesday morning.

Meanwhile, Chief Justice Bryan Sykes, today scolded the prosecution for what he described as their lax conduct in presenting disclosure in criminal matters.

Speaking at the start of today’s hearing in the trial of another member of the so-called police Death Squad trial, Chief Justice Sykes said since his return to presiding over more criminal matters he’s noticed the prosecutors using “rolling discovery”.

Rolling discovery happens when the prosecution makes partial revelations to the court at certain intervals during a trial.

Chief Justice Sykes says this is a bad habit that has crept into prosecutions as discovery should be made before the start of a trial.

He went further by scolding the prosecution team before him in the Death Squad matter, led by Queen’s Counsel, Caroline Hay.

The Chief Justice says they were making legal maneuvers designed to achieve an adjournment. He also said there was an attempt to circumvent the trial judge’s insistence on starting the matter today.

Last week, the prosecution sought to delay the start of the trial. But, the trial judge ordered that the matter get underway today.