Those who put themselves beyond compliance with ordinary rules of decency are plotting their own downfall.

That was the message this morning from Pastor of the Bethel Baptist Church, the Reverend Dr. Burchell Taylor.

He was delivering the keynote address at the annual National Leadership Prayer Breakfast at the Pegasus Hotel, in St. Andrew.

Reverend Taylor says his message was motivated by the sex scandal rocking the Moravian church.

Reverend Taylor who says he was anointed by the spirit to deliver in the manner in which he did, warned that those acting immorally, are plotting their own downfall.

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He pleaded with those who’ve done wrong to confess and be opened to correction.

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Reverend Taylor said the country’s religious and moral foundation had been shaken.

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Meanwhile, the Reverend’s message diverted from the usual focus on the nation’s leaders to women and children who’ve been victimized.

He said the abuse of the vulnerable in society to further one’s self interest was morally unacceptable.

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Reverend Taylor said the victims of sexual misconduct allegedly at the hands of the clergymen were exploited.

According to him, while justice must be served, compassion is also needed as part of the process of rehabilitation.