Former Opposition Senator, Basil Waite, has been elected Deputy General Secretary with responsibility for Field Operations in the People’s National Party.

He was appointed to the post during a meeting of the PNP’s National Executive Council, NEC, on Sunday.

The meeting was held at the Montego Bay Community College, in St. James.

Former PNP Member of Parliament, Raymond Pryce, was also assigned to lead an initiative to improve the relationships with the Party and young people across the country.

In the meantime, Opposition Leader and President of the PNP, Dr. Peter Phillips is calling for a clean-up of the voters’ list.

Addressing the NEC on Sunday, he said a house-to-house verification programme ensuring that the list is accurate is the only way to protect the country’s democracy.

He says if the list is not accurate persons could lose confidence in the system.

Dr. Phillips says when that happens, persons may resort to other methods to secure votes in order to hold on to power.

He says the PNP will be advocating for the Electoral Commission to clean up the voters’ list ahead of any future election.