Former Government Senator, Basil Waite, has been freed of attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Mr. Waite — who’s a member of the PNP — was today freed of the corruption charge in the Corporate Area Criminal Court.

Mr. Waite was arrested and charged by the Major Organized Crime and Anti Corruption Agency, MOCA, two yeas ago.

Court documents say that in April 2014, Waite called a businessman, who’s a witness in a corruption case in which a policeman had been charged.

Allegations were that Waite asked for a meeting with the businessman in a bid to help the policeman.

He was taken into custody by MOCA on October 8, 2014, accused of attempting to pervert the course of justice. But today the Clerk of the Court indicated that he couldn’t proceed with the case.

This, as the complainant could not conclusively say that the voice he heard on the brief phone call in question, was in fact that of Basil Waite.

The Clerk also indicated that it could not be concluded from the conversation that the caller was aware that the case involving the policeman was before the Court when the phone conversation with the businessman was said to have taken place.

Mr. Waite’s attorney, Queen’s Counsel, Valerie Neita Robertson, says the politician was prematurely charged.

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Meanwhile, Mr. Waite says he’s relieved the case against him has been dismissed.

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He says he acted within the law and never doubted his innocence.

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Mr. Waite was considered one of the rising political stars in Jamaica in recent years. He’s served as a Government Senator, PNPYO President and is a former PNP caretaker for North East St. Elizabeth.

When he was charged, he was Advisor to then Local Government Minister, Noel Arscott. Mr. Waite says he’s not sure of his next move.

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