There’s a development in the bitter battle for majority ownership of Irie FM’s sister station, Zip 103 FM.

The Court of Appeal in Jamaica has overturned a ruling by then Supreme Court Judge, Brian Sykes, which gave majority ownership of Zip 103 FM to businesswoman, Debbian Dewar.

Another businesswoman, Joni Kamille Young-Torres, had challenged the 2015 ruling of Sykes.

Sykes is now the country’s Chief Justice.

Mrs. Young-Torres is the daughter of the late businessman and founder of both IRIE and Zip FM, Karl Young.

The Appeal against the Sykes judgment was recently ruled on by Appeal Court Justices Marva McDonald Bishop, Almarie Sinclair-Haynes and Carol Edwards.

At the center of the dispute was whether a move by Mr. Young’s late son to turn over his shares to Miss Dewar giving her majority ownership of the company was lawfully done.

Justice Sykes ruled that the transfer was lawful. But the Court of Appeal has now ruled that it was not.

The Appeal Court ruled that Justice Sykes made some errors in fact and law when he ruled that Miss Dewar owns the majority of the shares.

The Appeal Court also ordered that the shares be returned to the company unissued and the share register rectified.

Mrs Young Torres was represented by Queen’s Counsel Sandra Minott-Phillips of the law firm Myers, Fletcher and Gordon.

While Miss Dewar was represented by Queen’s Counsel Allan Wood.

Zip is the sister station of Grove Broadcasting’s Irie FM.

The issue concerning the ownership of IRIE FM is still before the Supreme Court.