Several workers of Noranda Bauxite Company are protesting against what they see as the constant assault on their livelihoods by environmentalists.

The workers, bearing placards, lined a section of Constant Spring Road in St. Andrew this afternoon, where the offices of the Jamaica Environment Trust, JET, are located.

They are calling on the public not to buy into what they deem as propaganda being spread by environmental activists with an agenda.

William Mitchell tells us more.

Several workers of Noranda Bauxite Company this afternoon accused environmentalists of spreading false information against the company.

One worker says the environmentalists are entirely misinformed about the mining activities being undertaken by Noranda.

Environmentalists have been in contention with the government and bauxite interests due to concerns over plans to mine the environmentally sensitive area known as the Cockpit Country.

While the government insists no mining is taking place in the protected area, environmentalists contend otherwise.

However, this bauxite worker insists that it’s not true and argues the company has actually been a positive influence on the environment.

He’s encouraging those with concerns to tour the area and see for themselves the reality on the ground.

Another worker says they’re fed up with the wrong narrative being put out.

The actual demarcation of the Cockpit Country has not yet been completed.

The workers are calling on the government to quickly settle the issue of the official boundary once and for all.