Hykel Nunes reports

Social Anthropologist and Researcher, Dr. Herbert Gayle, says domestic violence campaigns have promoted incorrect data about women who’re victims of murder.

Dr. Gayle says the involvement of women in gang wars is downplayed by society.

He explains that there are four reasons women are murdered by gangs.

Dr. Gayle says 65 per cent of women who are murdered in Jamaica are killed as a result of gang violence.

But, he says social groups are only campaigning about domestic abuse.

According to Dr Gayle, the issue is much deeper than what’s being suggested.

Dr. Gayle says persons are sensitive about the topic of women being involved in gang warfare.

He adds that women are the strategists behind a number of gang wars:

Dr. Gayle says 12 per cent of women die as result of disputes with other women.

He explains that people overlook this component of the data.