Commuters in the corporate area are being alerted to an emerging trend where several persons are being robbed by men posing as taxi operators.

The Half Way Tree Police say two men traveling in a grey Mazda Demio vehicle have robbed several persons in the past few days.

The Police say the men typically operate in the morning and evening peak hours.

They frequent routes along Molynes Road, Papine and Hagley Park Road, usually heading towards Half Way Tree in St. Andrew.

The cars are not registered public passenger vehicles.

The Police say there are similar reports in at least one other corporate area—downtown Kingston.

According to reports, the men lure would-be passengers into the motorcar then deviate from the stated route.

They then rob the passengers of cash, bank cards and any other valuables.

They also demand the password numbers for bank cards.

The Police are imploring commuters to use only registered public passenger vehicles and avoid traveling with strangers.