An appeal Court in the U.K. has ruled against Global Pharmaceutical Giant, Pfizer in a patent dispute over Lyrica, one of the company’s top-selling anti-epilepsy drugs.

Three London judges upheld a 2015 ruling that Allergan Plc’s Actavis unit didn’t infringe Pfizer patents with its version of the drug prega-balin.

Lyrica, also used to treat epilepsy, generated sales of $4.8-billion for Pfizer in 2015.

Pfizer has also sued a various laboratories and Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. over their distribution of the generic version of the anti-epilepsy drug .

At the first hearing of the lawsuit, Judge Richard Arnold criticized Pfizer for making “groundless threats” of legal action against British doctors and drugstores if they attempted to sell generic products offered by competitors.

Pfizer is currently attempting to fend off a $310-million claim from leading Jamaican company, LASCO.

The claim has arisen after Pfizer took out an injunction blocking LASCO’s sale of the generic high blood pressure drug amlo-di-phine at a more cost effective rate than Pfizers drug.

Phizer’s injunction was ruled to be unjust by the Supreme Court and the Privy Council.

The company was ordered to compensate LASCO.