The Bustamante Industrial Trade Union, BITU, is urging employers not to penalise workers who’ve been affected by the fire at the Riverton City dump.

Several people were unable to attend work or had their shifts disrupted because of the effects of the fire which began last week Wednesday.

BITU President General, Senator Kavan Gayle, says the workers must be compensated.

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BITU President General, Senator Kavan Gayle.

He’s also calling for help for employees who’ve incurred medical expenses and businesses that have suffered revenue losses due to the effects of the fire.

He says it’s unfair, unreasonable and unhealthy that the people who live, work and do business in the area should repeatedly be subjected to these horrible conditions.

Competency -based Appointment

Senator Gayle is calling on the Government and the National Solid Waste Management Agency, NSWMA, to ensure that the next Managing Director of the agency is appointed based on competency rather than political affiliation.

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Gayle says, the ongoing fire brings into focus, the need for the Government to treat waste disposal as a priority area.

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