PNP Blogger, Junior Thompson, is questioning the credibility of a claim by Dr. Khia Josina Duncan that she did not author a leaked message from her Facebook account which said PNP President Portia Simpson Miller has memory problems.

Dr. Duncan is a medical doctor and the daughter of former PNP veteran, DK Duncan.

The message from Dr. Khia Duncan’s Facebook account which said Simpson Miller has problems remembering things continues to create a firestorm on social media.

The leaked message said both Khia and her father want Mrs. Simpson Miller gone as PNP President.

Dr. Khia Duncan issued a statement yesterday saying her Facebook account was hacked.

She said she was impersonated during a conversation with PNP Blogger Junior Thompson. Thompson says he’s shocked by that claim from Khia.

He says when the message went viral, Khia contacted him and asked him why he leaked their conversation.

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Mr. Thompson says he’s therefore forced to wonder about the credibility of Khia Duncan’s claim that she did not send the message to him which stated that within hours the PNP President forgets things which are said to her.

Several calls placed this afternoon to Dr. Khia Duncan’s mobile phone were not answered.

There was no response from Dr. Duncan to a voice messages left on her phone asking for a response to Mr. Thompson’s comments today.

Speaking this afternoon on Timeline with Dennis Brooks, Mr. Thompson says Dr. Khia Duncan only denied sending the message when it went viral.

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Earlier this week, PNP Chairman, Robert Pickersgill asserted that Dr. Blythe’s claims about Mrs. Simpson Miller’s health are false.

The PNP Blogger says he released the conversation between him and Dr. Khia Duncan as evidence that persons in the Opposition party are not being truthful about the well being of Mrs. Simpson Miller.

He says Dr. Blythe had been threatened with disciplinary action by Khia’s father, DK Duncan.

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Dr. Khia Duncan had also claimed that her account was hacked last year when a message she sent blasting MP Ian Hayles was leaked to the media.

No breach was publicized following a Police investigation.

Mr. Thompson is urging Khia to make a report to the police regarding her latest allegation that she was hacked.