There was another double murder in Clarendon over the weekend, taking the total number of homicides in the parish to at least 90 since the start of the year.

The two men who were killed in separate incidents in the parish on Saturday night, represent the second consecutive weekend of multiple killings in Clarendon.

The killings continue in Clarendon unabated.

As if to welcome the new Commanding Officer for the parish, Senior Superintendent Fitz Bailey, who took office last week, thugs killed two men in separate incidents on Saturday night.

The first victim was 29-year-old taxi driver, Howard Rowe, of Denbigh Kraal in Four Paths, Clarendon.

It’s reported that around 7:05pm, Rowe otherwise called ‘Stucky’ was standing in front of a cook shop on Chapleton Road, when an armed man approached him and shot him several times.

Rowe collapsed and the man fled.

Rowe died at hospital.

SSP Bailey says Rowe was out on bail at the time of his killing.

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He says the Police have yet to establish a motive for the killing.

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In the second incident, 23-year-old-Okeime Martin otherwise called ‘Sub Zero’ was shot and killed on Young Street in Lionel Town in the parish.

Residents reported hearing gunshots about 7:05pm and called the Police.

The Police found Martin lying face down, in a pool of blood.

SSP Bailey says Martin has three murder charges against his name.

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