The governing Jamaica Labour Party, JLP has a four percentage point lead over the Opposition People’s National Party, PNP heading into the February 26 Local Government Elections in two weeks.

That’s according to the latest Nationwide/Bluedot polls, powered by Total Tools.

The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.25%.

Ricardo Brooks reports.

It’s advantage JLP.

The Nationwide/Bluedot poll asked 1,878 Jamaicans who they would vote for in the upcoming local elections.

Thirty percent chose the JLP.

twenty six percent say the PNP would get their vote.

That 4 percentage point lead is outside the margin of error.

One percent of voters say a candidate from another political party would get their vote.

Among registered voters who are likely to vote on February 26, 47% say they will choose the JLP, while 43% say they’re going with the PNP.

Ten percent of likely voters told the pollsters they’re still unsure who they will choose on election day.

The JLP leads the PNP in seven parishes across the country. The PNP leads in four.

Two are tied.

The governing party has its most commanding lead in St. Ann where nearly 70% of registered voters say they’re voting JLP on election day.

That’s compared to 28% in the garden parish who say they’re voting PNP.

Three percent are unsure.

The JLP is also strong in St. Elizabeth, where 60-percent of voters say they will choose a Labour Party councillor.

Thirty one percent are going with the PNP.

Eight percent are unsure.

The JLP also appears dominant in Westmoreland, where nearly 60-percent of voters say they’re voting labour.

Thirty three percent are voting PNP.

Five percent of voters in Westmoreland are unsure.

In Clarendon, the JLP is ahead; 53% to the PNP’s 36%.

Nine percent of voters say they’re unsure.

The JLP is also leading in St. Catherine. They have 50% support to the PNP’s 34%.

Fourteen percent of likely voters in St. Catherine are unsure who’ll get their vote.

Victory also appears imminent for the JLP in the East.

It leads the PNP 52% to 38% in St. Thomas and 44% to 40% in Portland.

Thirteen percent of voters in Portland are unsure, while 10% of voters in St. Thomas are unsure.

But it’s not all good news for the JLP.

The party appears on track to suffer a 9-percentage point defeat in Kingston and St. Andrew.

The PNP leads across Kingston and St. Andrew by 49% to the JLP’s 40%.

Eleven percent of voters in the Kingston and St. Andrew are unsure.

The PNP also seems set to decimate the JLP in Manchester, where they lead 60% to the JLP’s 35%.

Six percent of voters in Manchester say they’re unsure who they’ll vote for.

The PNP also seems set to take control of the Trelawny Municipal Corporation, where they lead the JLP 58% to 31%.

Twelve percent of voters in that parish are unsure who’ll get their vote.

And in St. Mary, the PNP may send Richard Creary packing, as it leads 57% to the JLP’s 35%.

Seven percent of voters there are unsure.

St. James is a dead heat, with both parties registering 42% support from voters.

The undecided 12% in that parish will make all the difference.

And finally in Hanover, the parties are in a tie at 45%.

Ten percent of voters are unsure.

Meanwhile the General Secretary of the People’s National Party, Dr. Dayton Campbell, says the party has completed polls in nine of the 14 divisions in the parish of Westmoreland.

The polls were conducted by the Don Anderson led Market Research Services Limited.

Dr. Campbell says of those nine completed divisions, the PNP is leading in seven.

The PNP has not shared those poll numbers with the media.