PNP leadership aspirant, Dr. Karl Blythe has told party delegates that the rapid decline in democracy within the party has motivated him to move to unseat Portia Simpson Miller as PNP President.

Dr. Blythe outlined his reasons for challenging Simpson Miller in an open letter sent today to PNP delegates. He says the PNP is in a place in which comrades who dare to have a different view from Portia Simpson Miller are subjected to intimidation, verbal abuse, social media abuse and victimization.

He told the delegates, there’s now a real need for renewal in our party.

Dr. Blythe reiterated that his mission is to be interim president, while an atmosphere of much needed renewal is created within the PNP.

The former PNP Vice President says comrades must once more feel free to express themselves in any forum of the party and be heard, respected and not be subjected to any form of abuse.

Blythe wrote that he’s sure that all well thinking comrades also want the PNP to return to true democracy as guaranteed by its constitution and founding fathers.

In continuing his pitch for support – Dr. Blythe explained to delegates that he’s not seeking to promote himself but merely answering a call to protect the democracy within the PNP.

He called on delegates to consider whether he or Portia Simpson Miller is best placed to promote the renewal process in the party.

Dr. Blythe says he only intends to serve as interim president.

He says as interim president, he’d invite the comrades who are truly interested in leading the party and taking it forward into the renewal process to come together, take to the road, consult and discuss their plans for moving
forward with comrades in their group meetings, and with the wider community members.

Dr. Blythe says thereafter, a date would be agreed on to hold elections to select the new president, who will then have the mandate to take the party through the renewal process, and beyond.

According to Dr. Blythe, after this process is executed he will then step aside, having completed his mission.

Blythe ended his letter to delegates by stating – “yours for renewal and deepening democracy”

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