Former Vice President of People’s National Party, Dr. Karl Blythe, is promising that his loss to incumbent President Portia Simpson Miller in Saturday’s leadership challenge will nit signal the end of his political work.

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Mrs. Simpson Miller won a landslide victory at the PNP’s 78th Annual Conference at the National Arena with over 90-percent of the vote.

Dr. Blythe only managed to capture one-hundred and 98 of the two-thousand 7-hundred votes cast.

However, Dr. Blythe says he has no intention of returning to political retirement anytime soon.

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He reiterated that he has no intention of entering representational politics, but intends to aid in strengthening the PNP’s internal democratic processes.

However, the former Water Minister is insisting that Mrs. Simpson Miller must confirm a date for her dignified departure as party leader.

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