The governing People’s National Party, PNP, has decided to allow delegates to decide who’ll replace the late Agriculture Minister, Roger Clarke, in Central Westmoreland.

As a result, former PNP Vice President, Dr. Karl Blythe, has withdrawn his application seeking an injunction against the party’s Chairman and General Secretary in the Supreme Court.

Dr. Blythe was asking the court for an injunction, barring the party from announcing Michael Erskine as its selected candidate/caretaker for the constituency.

He’d accused the party bosses of violating the PNP’s constitution by selecting Mr. Erskine.

Speaking with Nationwide News this morning, PNP General Secretary, Paul Burke, said the party had always planned to have a selection process.

The selection will take place on Sunday, October 19, at the Mannings School.

Mr. Burke says delegates will be allowed to vote for their preferred candidate. However, the party’s National Executive will still have the final say.

Mr. Burke says Dr. Blythe’s application before the court did not necessarily influence the decision to allow him into the selection process.

He says the party was concerned about justice.

Paul Burke, PNP General Secretary, speaking today with Nationwide News.