Chairman of the board of St. James High School, Christopher McCurdy, says the two teenage girls booted from St. James High School over a kiss have not been formally expelled.

This, despite the parent of one of the girls saying the school administrators repeatedly told her to find another school for her 16-year-old daughter. 

Principal Joseph William reportedly expelled both girls from St. James High after one of them posted a two-second video of them sharing a kiss on her WhatsApp status.

The incident occurred in January.

But McCurdy says the body has not authorised the expulsion of the girls or any other students since 2022.

According to the board chairman, who was speaking on Nationwide at Five on Monday evening, Principal Williams has repeatedly circumvented the Ministry of Education’s code and kicked students out without the board’s approval.

McCurdy says Williams disclosed to him that principals in the area have an informal agreement to transfer students out when they infringe on school rules and societal norms.

The mother of the teen in question says was unable to get her into another institution.

It wasn’t until last Monday that the 16-year-old girl was enrolled in a private school.

Meanwhile, Mr. McCurdy says the board of St. James High School has had issues carrying out its functions, some of them outside the body’s control.

When pressed by Cliff Hughes and Chevon Campbell, he revealed that there has been a span of approximately seven months between the board’s last two meetings.

He continued, stressing the breakdown between the board and the principal.

Christopher McCurdy,Chairman of the board of St. James High School.

He was speaking on Monday evening on Nationwide at Five.