President and CEO of the Jamaica Public Service Company, JPS, Kelly Tomblin, says the conversion of the Bogue power plant in St. James into a Liquefied Natural Gas powered facility, sends a strong message to the world, that Jamaica is open for business.

The plant is currently powered by heavy fuel oil.

As we hear in this report from Kalilah Enriquez, the JPS boss says the project is proof that Jamaica can accomplish difficult things.

Kelly Tomblin says Jamaicans have been underestimating the message that Bogue’s conversion sends to the world about the capacity of the country.

And there are even bigger plans for another project at Old Harbour in St. Catherine.

That was the intended site for the JPS’s failed plan to build a 3-hundred-and-60 megawatt LNG plant.

Now, five bidders, including Fortress Energy, are vying to provide gas for a new project at Old Harbour.

Upon completion, that project would establish Jamaica as the LNG hub for the Caribbean.

Ms. Tomblin says much has changed since 2012, when the JPS failed to get the Old Harbour project off the ground.

At the time, the company was unable to secure LNG at a reasonable price.

JPS abandoned the project, forcing the government to step in and invite bids under a competitive tender process.

It was that decision which led to the debacle involving Energy World International, EWI.