The BOI Bank is refuting claims as reported in the Antigua Observer that it was ordered by the High Court in St. John’s last week to refund one of its depositors – a Venezuelan national – more than US $2.5 million dollars.

The bank, through its lawyer, has provided the court document as evidence in support of its rejection of this claim.

The court document clearly outlines the steps to be taken by the Bank in respect of this matter.

The High Court in Antigua & Barbuda made an interim order requiring the bank to place a specified sum of money into a separate interest-bearing account until the determination of the matter brought by the claimant.

The BOI says neither the account nor the sums standing to its credit will be accessible by the claimant/depositor until or unless the Court so orders, upon disposal of the substantive matter.


This story was first aired on Monday, November 28, 2022 in the Antigua Observer and carried by Nationwide News Network on Tuesday, November 29, 2022 in its regional newscast.

Please note that whilst there is a legal matter ongoing between BOI Bank of Antigua & Barbuda and one of its depositors – Jose Omar Guevara Reyes, the Bank is not withholding money from the complainant. Instead, it is being guided by the Order issued by the High Court of Justice in Antigua & Barbuda.

That Court ruled that:

The first named respondent is to place the sum of US$2,522,833.18 into a separate interest-bearing account until further ordered or until the determination of this matter. Such account shall be immediately accessible upon an order of direction of the court.

We regret the error and unreservedly apologise to BOI Bank.