The Bank of Jamaica, BOJ, says it’s published a schedule of announcements of monetary policy decisions for 2021.

The Central Bank has also reconfirmed the scheduled announcement dates for the remainder of 2020, which were previously published on November 15, 2019.

Those dates are between November 17, this year and December 20 next year.

The BOJ says the move is intended to improve the transparency of the Central Bank’s monetary policy framework.

The objective of monetary policy is to ensure the inflation target set by the Government is met.

The BOJ says the announcements will at minimum be in the form of a press release, which will indicate the decision on the interest rate paid by the BOJ on overnight deposits by deposit-taking institutions.

It will also include the rationale for the decision. The BOJ says it will also continue to host quarterly press conferences to discuss the rationale for its decisions and the economic outlook for Jamaica.