Only 39 per cent of Jamaicans say they will vote in the February 26 local government elections. That’s according to the latest Nationwide/Bluedot polls, powered by Total Tools.

The poll sampled 1,878 voters across all 63 constituencies, from January 19 to February 6. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.25 per cent.

Ricardo Brooks has been looking at the numbers.

The two main political parties, the PNP and JLP, have been crisscrossing the 228 electoral divisions across the island in search of votes. A handful of independents have also been nominated to contest the elections.

They’re hoping to bring out the voters on the morning of February 26. But when the Bluedot pollsters asked Jamaicans if they’ll turn out to cast a ballot, only 39 per cent said yes. Thirty-two per cent said no. Twenty-nine per cent of voters are still undecided.

The highest level of voter interest was recorded in St. Mary, where 57 per cent of voters say they intend to turn out to the polls. St. Mary was followed by St. Elizabeth, where 47 per cent say they will be voting on February 26.

That’s followed by Portland at 43 per cent, Westmoreland at 42 per cent and Manchester also at 42 per cent. In Kingston and St. Andrew, 41 per cent of voters say they’ll vote. St. Thomas returned the lowest level of voter intent at 25 per cent.

The pollsters left the field on February 6, two days before Nomination Day.

Up to that point, 61 per cent of voters did not know who was the candidate running in their respective division. Thirty-nine per cent said they did.

When it comes to knowing who their local candidate is, 70 per cent of voters in Kingston and St. Andrew say they had no clue. In St. James, 68 per cent of voters do not know their candidate. Sixty-two per cent of voters in St. Catherine and Clarendon say they do not know their candidate

Only St. Mary, Portland and St. Elizabeth had a majority of voters indicating they knew their candidates.