The mother– who is seen in a video, beating her daughter with a machete– is expressing regret for her actions.

The woman– 44-year-old Doreen Dyer– was yesterday charged with cruelty to a child.

In an interview with Cliff Hughes Online this morning, Ms. Dyer explained that she never meant to hurt her daughter.

She expressed frustration with her children, saying she’s gone the extra mile to provide for but they don’t listen to her.

The single mother of five, says she’s unemployed and has no idea of the whereabouts of the childrens’ fathers.

In the thirty-five second video of Ms. Dyer beating her daughter with a machete, she’s heard repeating : “Me tired a unoo”.

In this morning’s interview, Ms. Dyer refused to say why she was beating her now twelve-year-old daughter. But she expressed her frustration with her children who she blames for her ill-health.

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Ms. Dyer says she regrets beating the child with the machete.

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Ms. Dyer– says she gets work washing people’s clothes from time to time.

She also suggested that she’s not being supported by any of the children’s fathers.

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Ms. Dyer was taken into police custody on the weekend after the video of her beating her daughter with a machete, went viral on Social Media.

She says she hasn’t eaten since then.

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