The Broadcasting Commission says it’s taking proactive steps to monitor and combat emerging threats on social media.

The threats highlighted by the Commission include the proliferation of fake news and unencrypted pornography. Among the measures being implemented by the broadcast regulatory body is a new partnership with international company Google, that will see it becoming a designated ‘flagger’ of emerging threats. Assistant Deputy Director of the Broadcasting Commission, Carlene Salmon, made the revelation while speaking with the media today.

The Broadcasting Commission’s mandate is to regulate what’s aired on radio and television. But Ms. Salmon says the threats that the Commission is intended to regulate on the nation’s airwaves have moved to new media. She says although the Commission has embarked on a public education campaign it recognizes that more needs to be done.

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Ms. Salmon says the Broadcasting Commission recently struck a partnership with Google that would allow the regulator to be a liaison to the tech giant when problematic material is found on YouTube in Jamaica.

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She says the partnership with Google is about 2 weeks old. But, she says it’s not yet open to the public.

Ms. Salmon says Jamaica is playing a proactive role regionally and internationally in driving best practices in monitoring the digital space.

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Meanwhile, Ms Salmon is assuring Jamaicans that the Broadcasting Commission isn’t seeking to regulate their private use of social media. She was responding to a story in yesterday’s Gleaner with the headline: ‘Social Media Clampdown – Broadcasting Commission wants to police online sites.’

Ms. Salmon describes the headline as misleading and sensational.

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Ms Salmon adds that the story published along with the article is narrow in its focus. She says the Broadcasting Commission’s role is to protect people from harm. She says as such it’s seeking to regulate both traditional broadcasters and the major platform owners in the social media space.