The Broadcasting Commission says it’s far advanced in revamping the special code for child-related broadcasting and it’s to be in effect by this year.

Executive Director of the Commission, Cordel Green, says the code is being drafted to reflect the current realities of digital broadcasting.

The code deals with basic requirements for responsible broadcasting including evaluating for violence, sex and other problematic content.

Mr. Green says there’s also special recommendations for how much media children should be exposed to.

Statistical data shows that Jamaica is in the top 10 countries which had the most searches for pornographic content on Google.

The data was compiled between February 6 last year and January 8 this year by Google Trends.

Cordel Green, Executive Director of the Broadcasting Commission, speaking on Nationwide at 5, on Monday with Cliff Hughes and Tyrone Reid.

In the meantime, Mr Green says a majority of broadcasters are complying with its recent directive to stop the transmission of any recorded material that glorifies scamming, drug use and other crimes.

The directive came as the country grapples with emerging trends of substance abuse and scamming by teenagers.

Cordel Green, Executive Director of the Broadcasting Commission.