The Broadcasting Commission has written to media entities with concerns about airing specific advertisements.

In a statement last week the commission says it has received a number of complaints about advertisements offering astrological and palm-reading services.

The media regulator’s executive director, Cordel Green, says the main concern was that some of the advertisements claim or imply they can solve financial, legal, health and other problems.

The commission says it’s since written to the General Legal Council, the Medical Council of Jamaica and the Financial Services Commission on the matter.

It hopes to get their opinions on whether these advertisements violate the laws that govern the medical and legal professions and the financial services sector.

Mr. Green says someone who is not a qualified doctor, lawyer or financial advisor should not claim or imply that they are competent in such matters, as distinct from spirituality.

Also, in a recent letter to chief executives of radio and television stations, Chairman of the Commission, Professor Anthony Clayton, said the Commission has received a number of complaints about basic grammatical errors in news broadcasts.

Professor Clayton says although the media reflects society, it should also elevate it.

He says many of the nation’s children aren’t very well educated.

Professor Clayton says it is important that they hear well-constructed sentences and clear pronunciation from newsreaders.

The Commission says it will monitor the news output of its licensees over the next 6 months to determine whether there is an improvement in the standard for news presentation.