The Broadcasting Commission says it will participate in a press conference on Wednesday to explain the government’s thinking on regulating social media.

The press conference is to be held at the Office of the Prime Minister, in St. Andrew.

It’ll be attended by Information Minister, Senator Ruel Reid.

It follows statements made in the Senate last Friday by Minister Reid, suggesting the government wants to increase regulation of both traditional and social media.

Chairman of the Broadcasting Commission, Professor Anthony Clayton, says the government will ‘explain the issues’ at the press conference.

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On Friday, Minister Reid said he’s in discussion with the BCJ about further regulating the media landscape.

He highlighted the government’s concern that mainstream media are expanding into social media with no ‘clear regulatory guidelines’.

President of the Press Association of Jamaica, Dionne Jackson Miller, today raised concerns over the proposed move.

She’s concerned about the implications for press freedom.

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The PAJ President also questioned whether the Broadcasting Commission is to be given more power.

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Dionne Jackson Miller has now written an open letter to Minister Reid expressing her concerns.