PNP candidate for East Portland, Damion Crawford, says the East Portland by-election loss has broken his spirit, pocket and heart.

Mr Crawford is apologizing to his supporters for the party’s loss in yesterday’s by-election. He says while the party almost met its voter target, the JLP outperformed PNP projections in some of the strongest PNP divisions.

Mr Crawford says the governing JLP had far more resources at their disposal.

The popular and controversial politician says he’ll be visiting his supporters in the coming days to thank them for their support.

It was a disappointed Damion Crawford who spoke to Nationwide News less than 24 hours after losing the East Portland by election.

Mr Crawford believes his brand of politics isn’t resonating with the masses.

He cited several factors that challenged his campaign.

But, according to Mr Crawford, the JLP equally ran a clinical election campaign that penetrated PNP strongholds.

Meanwhile, he says he’ll be doing his own assessment of the outcomes in the coming days and will be visiting his supporters in the constituency.

Meanwhile, the former PNP Senator says no decision has been taken as to whether he’ll return to the Upper House in light of his defeat in yesterday’s by-election.