Former Prime Minister, Bruce Golding, says any constitutional reform effort is doomed to fail without the consensus of the opposition.

Speaking on Nationwide at Five on Monday, Mr. Golding says his experience on the matter suggests the attempt will die if both political parties do not see eye to eye.

Ricardo Brooks tells us more.

The recommendations of the Constitutional Reform Committee have been forwarded to the Cabinet for review. This is despite the refusal of the Opposition members to sign off.

Former Prime Minister, Bruce Golding, says any further pursuit without the consensus of the Opposition is doomed to fail.

Mr. Golding says he’s already informed Legal Affairs Minister Marlene Malahoo Forte, of his opinion.

Opposition Leader, Mark Golding has set the matter of the country’s final appellate court as a red line for his buy-in.

He believes this cannot be divorced from Jamaica’s attempt to break away from the British Monarchy.

Former Prime Minister Golding says his experience with similar reform measures in the past proves the need for a broad-based agreement between the two major political parties.

The former prime minister says the framers of the constitution placed restrictions on the document to protect the country from drastic changes.

Meanwhile, the government says Cabinet has received the report of the Constitutional Reform Committee, marking a significant milestone in the country’s journey towards constitutional reform.

Nationwide News understands that the report had the signatures of all the committee members except the two legislators from the PNP; Donna Scott Motley and Anthony Hylton.

The other member on the committee who represents the parliamentary opposition is Kings Counsel Hugh Small.

A statement on Monday says Cabinet has started a thorough and meticulous process of review.

It says once the Cabinet has completed its review, the report will be tabled in parliament along with the government’s conclusions.