Nationwide News understands that Prime Minister Andrew Holness has advised Governor General Sir Patrick Allen that Acting Chief Justice, Bryan Sykes, is to be made permanent in the post tomorrow.

Our sources say arrangements have been made for a function to be held at King’s House tomorrow where Justice Sykes will be appointed on a permanent basis.

The appointment of Bryan Sykes to act as Chief Justice has been the subject of intense debate and controversy over the past few weeks. The Opposition, several senior attorneys and the bar association have accused Mr. Holness of making an unconstitutional move.

However, the Prime Minister has been defended by several senior attorneys and members of his administration.

Justice Sykes is a highly respected jurist. He was a Senior Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions before he was appointed to the Supreme Court in 2005.

He also has a Master’s degree in commercial law and has presided over several prominent cases.

On the weekend, Justice Sykes addressed a Court Management seminar in St. Ann and urged stakeholders not to fear reforms which are coming to the justice system.

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