The Bureau of Standards Jamaica, BSJ says there could be sanctions against entities which have violated best practices in the petroleum industry.

That’s according to its Chairman, Professor Winston Davidson.

Several motorists say they’ve been affected by the bad gas being sold at service stations across the island.

The BSJ in collaboration with Petrojam and the Consumer Affairs Commission, has concluded the testing of samples from service stations across the island.

Those service stations were identified by motorists as selling bad gas.

Professor Davidson says the testing team is taking time to ensure it can identify the contaminants in the gas and trace their origin.

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A man, Don Smith, who’s attached to the Sandals Group, says the BSJ lacks the capacity to test for contaminants in samples of gas.

He says he has spent $4-million to repair the engines of four Mercedes Benz motor vehicles which were affected by the bad gas.

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But Professor Davidson is defending the BSJ’s capacity to test samples.

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Professor Davidson says there will be changes to the system under which petrol is tested.

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