Member of Parliament for Central Manchester, Peter Bunting came out swinging during Wednesday’s sitting of Parliament’s Internal and External Affairs Committee with accusations of cronyism and disorder against CEO of the Firearm Licensing Authority, FLA, Shane Dalling.

Mr. Bunting noted that over 40 FLA employees, a third of the staff at the gun control body, were dismissed or have resigned since Mr. Dalling was appointed FLA boss.

The Central Manchester MP also accused Mr Dalling of replacing those employees with persons who are far less qualified.

Mr Bunting says some of the new members of the FLA staff were previously cronies of Mr. Dalling at previous organisations.

However, the Central Manchester MP later withdrew that remark. In response, Mr. Dalling says the gun control body was in crisis and awash with corruption. In a sotto vocce remark, Mr Bunting described the CEO’s assessment of the FLA as “rubbish and hearsay”.

Mr Dalling invited the committee to review the files he submitted to it which he says proves corruption exists at the agency. He also defended the hiring processes of the FLA stating that recruitment is handled by the human resource department without his interference.

Meanwhile, Government members objected to the treatment of Mr. Dalling by Mr Bunting, calling his questions out of order. They also accused the Internal and External Affairs Committee Chairman, Fitz Jackson, of being unfair in his conduct of the proceedings.

Deliberations continue at the committee.