Member of Parliament for Central Manchester, the PNP’s Peter Bunting, is chiding Prime Minister Holness for what he sees as the peddling of a falsehood.

The charge comes amid the quarrel between the government and the Opposition over the decision to extend the State of Public Emergency in St. James.

This is what Prime Minister Holness told a gathering at a function in St. James over the weekend.

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But Mr. Bunting, who’s also a former National Security Minister, says the government didn’t need the Opposition’s support to extend the State of Emergency at the time being referenced by the Prime Minister.

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He says the 2010 State of Emergency is a bad example to cite in calling for an extension of the current enhanced security measure in St. James.

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Peter Bunting, Member of Parliament for Central Manchester and former National Security Minister, speaking yesterday with Nationwide News.

The Opposition is maintaining that it will support the current request to extend the State of Emergency but wants the government to put forward a long-term plan to tackle crime.

And…Mr. Bunting says residents in other crime-plagued communities deserve to be secured as much as residents of St. James–where a State of Emergency is currently in effect.

St. James has seen a 66-percent reduction in murders since the State of Emergency was declared in January this year.

And, many of the residents have expressed satisfaction with the increased security operations.

But, Mr. Bunting says it’s not the State of Emergency that’s brought peace to these communities.

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He also reiterated that the Opposition will not support the State of Emergency beyond six months, without what he calls ‘compelling reasons’.

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