Former National Security Minister, Peter Bunting, is distancing himself from suggestions that the Ministry under his watch caused a case against a prominent Jamaican politician to fall apart due to its failure to provide protection to a key witness.

Former Assistant Commissioner of Police Les Green was quoted by the Miami Herald newspaper as having made the allegation.

The article also says the Ministry did not renew the Mr. Green’s contract in 2012.

In a statement today, Mr. Bunting says the timeline suggested in the article could be misconstrued that the events unfolded during his time as Minister.

However, he says by the time the PNP assumed office in January 2012, both decisions had been made.

Mr. Bunting also called on the current administration to offer a credible explanation for the alleged decision not to offer state protection to a witness in the case.

Les Green suggested that the decision was made by the then Dwight Nelson-led Security Ministry.

But Mr. Nelson told our news center this afternoon that the issue concerning the protection of the witness did not come across his desk.

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In a statement this week, Director of Public Prosecutions, Paula Llewelyn, says there was not enough credible evidence to prosecute the case.

However, she says the police could have pressed ahead with charges against the politician, if they believed they had a strong enough case.

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