Former Cabinet colleagues, Peter Bunting and Mark Golding, have returned to the private sector, eight days after the PNP were beaten in the general elections.

Bunting, the former National Security Minister and Golding, the former Justice Minister, have been re-appointed to the Investment Management Committee of Proven Investments Limited.

Both men were senior partners at Proven, before leaving to take up Cabinet duties in January, 2012.

Back then Bunting was Chairman of Proven Wealth as well as Proven Investments management committee.

Proven promotes itself as the Caribbean’s premier Investment Company, built on the solid reputation of providing investors with safe and consistent returns on their investments.

In a full page advertisement placed in today’s edition of the Jamaica Observer newspaper, Proven wrote, “Ok Peter and Mark, we know that you are upset that your party lost the General Elections. But look on the bright side: We want you back.”