Residents of Burger Gully in East Kingston are pleading for help amid a worrying gang warfare plaguing the community and resulting in several murders.

The residents say men who were once close friends, are now at odds and have designated turf in the community.

They want the government to put as much effort into crime fighting as they have done in the battle against the spread of Covid-19.

Stevian Simmonds has more in this report.

The residents say they are living in fear.

They say over the past few weeks several people have been shot and killed and others injured in drive by shootings.

This resident describes the gang war plaguing the community as heartbreaking.

She says children and elders are not able to move about it the community as they would like without being terrorised.

This resident notes the national lockdowns have negatively impacted him.

But he says marauding criminals in Burger Gully have imposed a special lock down on the residents.

Pastor of the Church of God Deliverance Centre Ministry, Gavin Campbell, says residents have reacted to the violence by blocking the roads.

He says that’s meant to prevent what he says are continuous drive by shootings.

It’s why Pastor Campbell want greater efforts to fight crime nationally.