A burglar who broke into a house in the Corporate Area which is owned by retired Police Commissioner, Owen Ellington, has been killed.

The burglar was shot dead by police personnel who responded to a report about the break-in.

A policeman, who was chopped on the wrist by the burglar, is in hospital receiving treatment.

The burglar was reportedly killed when he attempted to search the house, was interrupted by the police, then repeatedly used a sharp object to attack members of the JCF who went to the location.

The burglar was carried to hospital and was pronounced dead a few hours later.

Police reports are the burgar is a male who was clad in a black pants, was barefooted, slim built, dark complexion, had a baldhead and was about six feet tall.

He has been identified as 31-year-old Andrade Davis identified.

The Independent Commission of Investigations, INDECOM is investigating the incident which happened earlier this week.