PNP General Secretary, Paul Burke and Chairman of the party’s Region 2, Dr. Morais Guy, are facing criticism from Councilor for the Port Maria Division in Central St. Mary, Tricia Harris-Smiley.

Councillor Smiley is accusing Mr. Burke and Dr. Guy of victimization and conspiring to have her barred from representing the PNP at the next local government election.

Nationwide News sources say on Sunday the PNP’s powerful National Executive Council was told that Councilor Harris-Smiley would not be allowed to seek re-election.

Councillor Smiley spoke to our news center this afternoon.

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According to the PNP Councilor, a dispute between her and Central St. Mary MP who’s also the party’s Region 2 boss, Dr. Morais Guy has resulted in her being sidelined.

She says she has paid the price for being outspoken about Port Maria being neglected by Dr. Guy.

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A tearful Councilor Harris-Smiley told Nationwide News that complaints she made to the party concerning Dr. Guy were used against her.

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Councilor Smiley is also accusing Paul Burke and senior members of the PNP of bias.

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Several calls placed to Dr. Guy’s mobile phone this afternoon were not answered.

When contacted Mr. Burke told our news center he’s in a meeting and was not able speak.