Nationwide News understands that PNP General Secretary, Paul Burke is to meet this week with warring factions in Lisa Hanna’s South East St. Ann constituency.

Minister Hanna and at least two of her councilors have been at odds concerning the allocation of resources and general management of the constituency.

A few weeks ago, Councilor for the Bensonton Division, the PNP’s Lydia Richards announced that she’s offering herself to replace Minister Hanna as MP.

The announcement from Councillor Richards came days after a former member of the PNP’s constituency executive, Courtney Wallace, indicated that attempts by the party secretariat to resolve the issues have failed.

Our sources say Paul Burke is to meet with the various personalities this week to resolve the contentious issues.

But speaking to our news center this morning, Mr. Burke declined to comment.

Burke decline to comment on steps – February 23, 2015

Paul Burke, PNP General Secretary, speaking with Nationwide News this morning.