The Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica, PSOJ, says it’s deeply concerned about the recent spate of bomb threats.

PSOJ president, Metry Seaga, says the entity is aware of the negative impacts these threats have on the economy and society.

Metry Seaga, PSOJ president.

The organisation says the protocols will inform citizens about what steps to take in such situations to reduce panic and disruption.

Meanwhile, the PSOJ says it will be conducting a comprehensive assessment focusing on the impact of these threats.

This will include an evaluation of the business disruptions caused by extended office closures, the loss of productive hours and the need for early staff dismissals due to school closures.

The PSOJ says its evaluation will aim to quantify the economic losses and explore the broader social consequences of these disruptions.

It says by understanding these impacts, the organisation can develop and implement effective strategies and advocacy efforts. 

And, immediate past-president of the Jamaica Employers’ Federation, David Wan, also believes companies should add bomb threats to their disaster protocols.

Security consultant at SHIELDS Crime and Security, Mark Shields, agrees that guidelines are needed. He says persons should act practically and reasonably during a bomb threat.

Mark Shields, security consultant at SHIELDS Crime and Security.

They were both speaking on Nationwide This Morning.