Image: Ian Levy, Businessman (left), Gary Peart, Supreme Ventures Executive Chairman (right)

Prominent businessman, Ian Levy, says his decision to purchase shares in Supreme Ventures, which are valued at $190 million, is a sign of confidence in the direction of the company and Jamaica.

Mr. Levy recently purchased 10 million shares at $19 per share.

Mr. Levy is a former Deputy Chairman of Supreme Ventures. 

He says he’s encouraged by the improved performance of Supreme Ventures despite there being new entrants into the market.

Ian Levy,  businessman and former Deputy Chairman of Supreme Ventures.

Meantime, Supreme Ventures Executive Chairman, Gary Peart says the company’s leadership views Mr. Levy’s investment as an encouraging sign.

Mr. Peart says Supreme Ventures’ diversified product offerings has placed it in good stead despite their being new entrants into the lottery industry.

He says the company also continues to perform well in the lottery industry.

Gary Peart, Executive Chairman of Supreme Ventures Limited.