Businessman YP Seaton is threatening legal action against the government to get access to several thousand acres of land he owns in St. Thomas.

The construction mogul says the new Southern Coastal Highway Improvement Project, SCHIP, has left him without access to his property.

Mr. Seaton told Nationwide News earlier this week that the government and the head of the National Works Agency, EG Hunter, have ignored his many attempts to have the issue resolved.

Mr. Seaton was one of ten local sub contractors assigned to the multi-billion dollar south cost highway.

The group has called on the prime minister to ensure long standing contractual issues are addressed. The contractors say they are owed up to $2 billion in unsettled contractual claims.

Mr. Seaton says he’ll take action to ensure his St. Thomas property is accessible. According to him, those actions will result in sections of the highway being blocked.

YP Seaton, building contractor.