Principal of Meadowbrook High School, Kevin Facey, is being blamed by at least one teacher for the eroding standards at the St. Andrew based institution.

Four fights within 30 minutes of each other on the school’s campus last Friday led to the suspension of 16 girls.

Four others are facing expulsion.

One teacher at the school spoke with our news centre on condition of anonymity.

The teacher told Nationwide that Facey has allegedly fostered a culture of victimization at the school that has left many teachers afraid of speaking out against him.

According to the teacher, the principal has a dictatorial style of addressing staff.

The teacher alleges that Facey is not forthcoming with information and appears to be overseeing a culture of indiscipline in the school.

The staff member alleges the first time they heard from leadership about the mass brawl last Friday was yesterday morning, after the matter was made public by Nationwide News.

The teacher says many are of the opinion that Mr. Facey should be removed from the position.

Facey has been principal of the St Andrew-based school for the past four years.

Nationwide News placed several calls to Mr. Facey’s phone, which all went unanswered.